IT-R Class Manager

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In the process of making the repo a debian package

More details soon!

What is IT-R?

IT-R is a collection of bash scripts and R functions that allow instructors who use servers for teaching with R-Studio to more easily handle tasks such as assigning, collecting, and returning assignments.

Setup Environment

Login and clone the IT-R package from this GitHub Repository into your home directory.

SSH (preferred)

git clone


git clone

Setting Up Commands

cd into the repository and run source ./ in the terminal.

It's as simple as that! Run classman help to check if the scripts have been setup properly. You should see a man page pop up in your terminal.

If you do not see the man page and receive a message saying a script cannot be found you will need to run source $HOME/.bash_aliases or exit and start a new terminal.

Instructor Toolkit


Find and copy student work into your /home/<instructor>/homework folder. The program will find files according to the tag given to the -t option.

classman collect -s </path/to/> -t <tag>


Creates directories for students /home/<student>/{submit,returned,mynotes}.

classman create -s </path/to/>


classman help <action>


Copy a file or folder and place it in /home/student/assignments

classman publish -s </path/to/> -a </path/to/assignment>


Copies files placed in /home/<instructor>/return folder to your students' /home/<student>/returned folder.

classman return -s </path/to/> -f <flag>